Cockroach, the most usually discovered vermin with the most significant level of versatility is viably fought making the premises all out irritation-free by utilizing the best in class innovation Cockroach Repellent Compound. The demised treatment is remarkable of its sort either in India or somewhere else showing the accompanying qualities :
1. Totally protected on Man and Animals.
2. Treatment completed while in occupation.
3. No delayed consequences.
4. No synthetic substances included.
5. Eco –friendly.
Frequency and guarantee: once in 4 month
Charges: This package will Starts from Rs 650/- Per service.


Extensive treatment is done to successfully battle Cockroach and different vermin by utilizing harmful synthetics that are showered on normal premises.
Frequency and guarantee: once in 4 month
Charges:This package will Starts from Rs 1000/- Per service.


Public unique synthetic showering is powerful to make premises complete vermin free. The synthetic substances utilized are demonstrated profoundly viable when given a shot by the Eradication Program. Intestinal sickness research focus and National Institute of Communicable Diseases. The synthetic substances utilized are charming, scentless, and non-staining and have long haul leftover activity.
Frequency and guarantee: once in 2 month
Charges:This package will Start from Rs 1200/- Per service.


Mice Rats & Bandicoots are effectively removed from the premises by using special glue. The treatment is non–toxic safe and highly effective. Please note that Termite treatment, Wood boring work, Fumigation and Fogging service will be charge extra as when and require bases.
Frequency and guarantee: Regular Maintenance. At least once in 15 days.
Charges : Our Package will start from Rs 800/-


Toxic chemicals will be used to control bed bugs for your hostel residence areas.
Frequency and guarantee: once in 3 month
Charges:This package will Start from Rs 1000/- Per service.


Against Termite for PRE/POST CONSTRUCTION:- Termites are insatiable eaters of anything that comprises cellulose materials, wood paper, materials, and creature items like calfskin. As such, hardly anything that isn't metal or concrete is protected in any structure from the ravenous termites. Except if termite pervasion is forestalled, it might turn out to be too hard to even think about rescuing anything later.

Termites or white ants as they are famously called are among the most dangerous bugs found in the jungles of the various species known to man, the underground Termites are available under the ground-settling assortment overruns our territory. Plentiful and broad underground termites are available under the ground in all pieces of India Though it is a typical conviction that solitary materials in contact with soil are assaulted, experience has indicated that termites travel through little breaks in the dividers of building and assault entryways and furniture in highest levels. At times, the establishment of the structure is likewise influenced as they unearth huge amounts of soil for building their homes.

Since the development of these termites isn't effectively obvious to us the harm these do won't be seen during the underlying stages. Harms by these termites are intense in working in new expansions and these based on virgin soils or in spots encompassed by vegetation. Subsequently, it is consistently fitting to play it safe from the earliest starting point


The basic principle of termite control is to prevent termite from getting into the building that needs to be protected. This is achieved by setting up impregnable chemical barrier through which termites cannot enter. Anti-termite treatment can be applied to existing building as well as to new building as they come up and this should be done as per ISI specifications.


Trenching the soil in immediate contact with the foundation and floor structure of building as per IS 6313 Part III which kills or repels termites thus forming a barrier which is impervious to termite entry.
This would be done by digging a trench around the foundation, exposing the foundation wall. The depth of the trench depends upon the depth of the foundation also. Suitable chemical insecticide would be applied as prescribe in IS 6313 Part III.

In existing building which is termite infested the various steps of treatment recommended are:- Injection of fumigant in termite galleries to destroy live forms hiding inside.
1. Spraying of infested wood work with termiseal to destroy existing infestation and make wood resistant to attack.
2. Trenching along with the external perimeter of the building and charging the soil with toxicants to create chemical barrier to prevent termite entry.

ANTI_TERMITE PRE_CONSTRUCTION TREATMENT IS BACKED BY 10 YEAR PROTECTIVE GUARNTEE AND 5 YEARS FOR POST CONSTRUCTION. In the Unlikely event of any subterranean termite infestation during the period of the guarantee we will carry out such treatment as is necessary to eradicate the infestation and keep the building free of termite at no extra cost to our client.